A Family Owned Restaurant

There is something very special about having a restaurant to share with our young family. The big boys have become an important part of our front-of-house team and the little ones love nothing more than to come down in their Bistro uniforms and push a few loads through the dishwasher or peel a bag of garlic while our daughter polishes cutlery and sets tables. The older ones learn how to earn and manage their own money and the younger ones earn the prize of drinking a hot chocolate at their favourite table. They understand that this is our family restaurant and it takes all of us working together with both at The Bistro and at home to make it work.

I passionately believe in what we are trying to achieve and am so excited about raising our children with food and healthy living on their hearts and caring for and serving people at the core of their being.

Tiffany Shaped Our Home

When I first met my wonderful wife Tiffany Joy she was in the middle of an Environmental Science Degree at Portland State University in Portland Oregon USA. It would be fair to say that I somewhat interrupted her progress but she did get there in the end or be it seven or so years later.

Through her studies, Tiffany became very passionate about sustainability and preserving the environment and she introduced this into our home beautifully by making all of our cleaning products, from spray and wipe and shampoo to laundry detergent and toothpaste. A brand new Restaurant, six children including baby twins, ten chickens, a worm farm, a vegetable garden, and a dog, this was no easy feat. But you soon see very clearly that it is well worth all the hard work, for it is the way in which our children are raised knowing about the simplest things in life and caring about making them available for the next generation, that is a true sign of success. Many years on the children are much bigger and the restaurant has become a permanent destination in the NZ dining scene, but the philosophy remains the same. 'keep it simple but nice...'